Woman Gives Kidney, Bank of America Steals House

July 12, 2013 in Bank of America, Bank of America Loan Mod, bank of america loan modification complaints, Bank of America Loan Modifications, Banking Bad, loan modification petition

Bank of America Steals HouseIt appears that Bank of America has engaged in one of their worst loan modifications to date as the “BOA” tries to squeeze the life out of homeowner Adrianne Powell. In this episode of Banking Bad the viewer meets Adrianne, who is the kind of person to help someone in need. As an example, she gave her left kidney to save someone’s life. This kindness is irrelevant as bank of America tells her they will help her modify her home loan through the HAMP modification program. In the video Adrianne shares how the bank approved her for the modification and then “misplaced” the documents for her loan and stalled her loan modification for four years. After wasting enough time, Bank of America (known to some as BOA) seems to break all of the modification rules to go in for “the kill,” as they constrict on another one of their own customers. Someone started a petition, so please click to actually do something to help.

There is a very shocking twist at the end of this one. Please share on all of your social media to help stop this horrifying behavior, as this could easily happen to you or a member of your family.

You can tweet Bank of America at: @BofA_help – with your message and either of the following hash tags – #Abuse or #BofA . You can check out our Banking Bad twitter page or tweet @BankingBad.

This is an insane story in which Adrianne shares how bank employees tell her not to make payments, lead her to believe she is in review of a loan modification for years, only to waste enough time to foreclose on her in an attempt to “steal” the home that has been in her family for three generations. One double cross after another is revealed in this harrowing fight for one of the essential needs for life, shelter. Learn more at the Banking Bad Facebook page.