Stop a Foreclosure

October 9, 2013 in Bankruptcy Attorney, Bankruptcy Lawyer, Steve Triebernig, Stop a foreclosure

Steve Triebernig

A San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney came to the aid of a senior citizen to stop a foreclosure. The foreclosure delay allowed homeowner’s rights advocate Steve Triebernig to successfully get the home loan modified for a woman named Bonnie H. Bonnie had been dealing with the mega bank Chase in court for over one year.

Craig Trenton, a San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer, filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy to help Bonnie restructure her overwhelming debt. This process stopped her pending foreclosure in its tracks. At this point, Steve Triebernig went on to battle for this elderly woman with the goal of saving the home that was built by her deceased father.

Stop a Foreclosure Craig Trenton

After a year of struggling with the bank, Steve was finally able to get Bonnie’s modification approved and she began making her home loan modification trial payments. As of this writing, Bonnie has made 3 payments and is waiting for her final modification paperwork to be completed. We will update you with the results after they are completed and confirmed by us.

In the meantime we wanted to thank Craig Trenton and Steve Triebernig for helping this woman who was facing a foreclosure on her family’s home if they didn’t help her.  For our readers across the nation please remember it takes time to get a loan modified.  Not because it is hard, but because some large banks seem to purposely made it hard.  In some cases filing a Chapter 13 can stop a foreclosure and buy you valuable time to get the home loan modified.  Use social media, find other people who have fought and won this battle… success leaves clues.