Little Lady Fights Big Bank of America with Webcam!

September 12, 2012 in Bank of America Loan Mod, bank of america loan modification complaints, Bank of America Loan Modifications, Bank of America music video, Banking Bad T-Shirt

Ever since Dee launched his Bank of America Wants You to Die Before They Modify video, chronicling his experienced where he was asked to provide Bank of America a death certificate to get his loan modified, there has been a wave of people who have been inspired to fight

Banking Bad Rebel Forces

Banking Bad Rebel Forces

Bank of America and other big banks back with a new weapon. The weapon is a webcam and the battles are fought on Youtube, Facebook and blogs like this.

One of the most diligent members of these new so-called rebel forces is a women name Karen Mussleman, who has launched an onslaught of Bank of America loan modification videos describing in detail what looks like rampant bank abuse. After two years and tons of “lost” or “thrown out” loan modification applications and paperwork, there is still no loan modification for Karen. In short it appears that Bank of America has taken two years of this woman’s life to (NOT) do a simple, in-house loan modification.

Well, Karen is not in the mood to let them steal her home and has been making videos of every detail of her communication. You can see Karen Mussleman’s Youtube channel here. Karen wrote to us and said that she could not sing, but wrote a song about it and even made a Bank of America music video here:

Karen, keep up the good work, you are not alone. We would also like to thank you for supporting us with your Banking Bad t-shirt purchase, we use any proceeds to pay for our site, and to produce upcoming videos, to expose injustices and to support people like you who make it onto the infamous Bank of America a loan modification complaint list!

Fight the good fight!