Chase Loan Modification Abusing Another Grandmother

February 22, 2013 in Chase, Chase complaint forum, Chase complaints, Chase loan modifications

Chase loan modification complaintsHere at Banking Bad we really thought Chase was not as bad as Bank of America when it comes to loan modifications. The reason for this thinking is we get so many more B of A complaints at, but we have recently learned that Chase loan modifications may be even worse. Currently we are working on a case for a woman named Bonnie H.  The Banking Bad film crew helped Bonnie, who is a senior citizen that was overwhelmed with the recently passing of her father who built the house she is trying to save.  Chase has stalled and tried several immoral tactics on this defenseless senior. We have stepped in to stop what some members of our crew are dubbing “senior abuse.” Bonnie is not very internet savvy, and they keep trying to make her jump through impossible hoops, request documents and forms that they do not supply, and engage in some of the biggest loan modification stall tactics we’ve ever seen. Please leave comments in the Chase complaint forum.

Banking Bad can personally verify this story as we have filmed every aspect of it.  We submitted the documents ourselves through certified mail, and one of our attorneys assisted Bonnie in her filings of things that were of a legal nature.  Almost one year later Chase has delayed and recently sent a form asking Bonnie to call, but on every call there has been hang-ups, and mysterious disconnections. So we will be submitting this document on her behalf and of course filming it. The requested document is one tax form that they now need, because a whole year has passed making the others expire. We will give it to them in multiples, and in the form of videos, so please stay tuned for updates.  Should we do a loan modification nightmare video? Please fill in the intro you would like to see to keep in the Banking Bad tradition in regards to this Chase complaint.  “From the bank that….? You fill in the blank.

Steve Triebernig who founded the popular homeowners’ and consumer advocate Facebook page, “Keep Bank of America Honest”, also contacted Chase on Bonnie’s behalf. Steve also sits on the board of directors for the community stabilization, non-profit corporation “Hope For America Inc.” Hope for America has a mission of helping to stabilize communities hardest hit by the housing crisis.