BOA Strangles Musician…“Banking Bad” – Episode 3

January 29, 2013 in Bank of America, bank of america loan modification complaints, Bank of America music video, Banking Bad

Banking Bad – Episode 3 -BOA

Banking Bad – Episode 3 -BOA

The Bank of America home loan nightmare continues in “Banking Bad” – Episode 3. This episode of the Banking Bad series featuring musician, Dave Nichols who’s latest single “I Told You So,” features members of Eminem’s Detroit crew D12. Dave received a very bad loan on a small home purchase through Country Wide Home Loans, who was then purchased by Bank of America.Dave was beginning to live the American dream with his wife and very young son when his interest rate and monthly payment shot up prematurely in months as apposed to years as his home loan contract stated.  This continued “error” caused an extreme hardship for his small family, and after 2 years of trying to get Bank of America to correct this inaccuracy, all Dave had to show for it was an even higher interest rate, many penalties, and fees added onto the bogus interest amount.  Ultimately this fiasco led to a bankruptcy and a financially strained marriage that ended in divorce. Comment here.

Dave reached out to the Banking Bad network that responded with a video written and produced by consumer advocate director De Veau Dunn. The Video also features homeowners advocate Steve Triebernig and is titled “BOA Strangles Musician to Steal House…” and is featured as episode 3 in the “Banking Bad” series. Click the Banking Bad link to see the new video and please subscribe on YouTube to stay updated on future episodes and further bank antics. While you are on YouTube please click the like button and share the video to help put an end to this type of big bank customer abuse.

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