Bank of America Wants You to Die… part 2

December 3, 2012 in Bank of America Loan Mod, bank of america loan modification complaints, Bank of America wants you to die… before they modify, Banking Bad

Bank of America wants you to die

Bank of America Loan Modification Complaints.

Bank of America wants you to die… part 2 – Bank of America Loan Modification… The horror continues! Bank of America claimed to “need” a Death Certificate from a living borrower to complete his loan modification. Watch this video to see what happens next in this loan mod nightmare.” 

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 & – This is the second installment of a TV Series chronicling the true stories of homeowners and their journeys as many of them become reluctant warriors in battles with some of America’s largest banks.

Banking Bad Episode 1 – “Bank of America wants you to die… before they modify,” part 1 – Chronicles – the story of “Dee”, who was seeking a simple home loan modification with Bank of America. A seemingly simple financial transaction that became increasingly more complicated as “Dee” was caught in the document maze laid out by the bank. In this episode we learned that the bank sent two separate letters saying, “they need” a “Death Certificate” as one of their requirements to process his loan modification… and it just gets worse.

Banking Bad Episode 2 – “Bank of America wants you to die… before they modify,” part 2 – Now dares to go even deeper to expose the bigger picture behind many of the Bank of America loan modification complaints. Through broadcasting his story onto social media, “Dee” becomes aware of and becomes a major contributor to a growing network of consumers banning together to stop bad behavior from big banks. Join us as we uncover the truly diabolical nature of those who practice the dark art of banking.