Bank of America Home Theft-Lost Paper Trick, Lawyers Helps Customer or Bank?

June 26, 2013 in Bank of America, Bank of America Loan Mod, bank of america loan modification complaints, Bank of America Loan Modifications, Banking Bad

Bank of America Missing Loan Modification Documents

Bank of America Missing Loan Modification Documents

This should be simple… Woman abused for years by Bank of America. Since 2009 BOA has been saying they don’t have her loan documents, telling her things such as “pay your mortgage late” to get a HAMP refinance, claims the woman, Adriane P. (See photos where she sent us proof she has been applying over and over since 2009.) This #BankingBad tactic ultimately triggered a critical mass of late fees, penalties, etc. All of this horrific behavior leads to Bank of America foreclosing and trying to kick the woman out of her home. (We all know this story right, but it gets better…

Twist – this woman fights back, hires a lawyer and tries to get justice multiple times with not very much success.  Fast forward to April 2013 she hires a local law firm (name withheld) and goes to work to save her house.  She pays $6000 down, and they take $1500 a month, totaling $9000 so far.

Then BOA attorney J.C. makes an offer on BOA’s behalf.  In a document we verified, it was said, “…the settlement is in your best interest.  Unfortunately, there is not much evidence you can show that you were in a loan modification as counsel for Bank of America can demonstrate that they have not received any documents.”  – We do not curse, but WT(X)? Not much evidence, what’s this 3 YEARS of Loan documentation evidence we found in 15 minutes after asking her?  Look right here Bank of America and  their attorneys. Adriane’s 3 YEARS OF LOAN MOD DOCS. We’ll even put an easily clickable photo for you ;-)

Bank of America Loan Modification

Adrianne’s Bank of America “Missing” Loan Modification Documents – We found them. All three years worth. Your welcome BOA ;-)

Loud Screech sound – NEW RULES! Come on guys and girls – the whole social media hive is watching this.  Please look at these photos and it will be easy to determine that Adrianne DID in fact send in her HAMP paperwork to Bank of America, – time and time again. Unfortunately most people that read our blogs know what it looks like. (She also sent it to many social media groups asking for help as she feels alone in this battle.)

These lies are killing this woman, as she has not been eating in fear of loosing her SHELTER. Bank employees have already admitted to this game, while lawyers across the land keep profiting on the broken backs of US citizens.  Maybe this is an oversight?  Maybe this is business as usual, but our request is that Bank of America please look at this and clean up their mess!  Bank of America transferring the service provider does not excuse years of abuse that this woman has sent photographic evidence of.  Home owners advocate lawyers, as clients hiring you to defend us we expect more.  Did this client beg family and friends to pay $9000 to save the house that her mother died in, only to have her documents ignored?  Even worse, after all of the trauma Bank of America has put her through the offer of $4000 to get out of her house after she borrowed to pay $9000 to save the home is quite troubling to us.

These are all friendly questions from homeowners and homeowner advocates across the nation.  (We purposely kept individual names out of this as this is not personal, but this system is broken and Bank of America is at the helm.) We will all check in with Adrienne  to find out if the lawyers and Bank of America are doing the right thing after all of this appalling behavior. Shareholders of the bank, customers of the bank and the average concerned “good citizens” would like to know if all of this garbage is changing or if it’s just business as usual, with a few people pretending to be appalled?

As a community please do not look the other way. We need you, Adrianne needs you!

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.”

- Martin Luther King Jr.